Hatha Yoga - "Ha" means sun "tha" means moon and Hatha yoga is the foundation for all styles of yoga. In this class you will learn the foundations of yoga. From meditation and movement to language and breath, moving gently between postures, this class is both informational and meditative. All levels welcome.

Vinyasa Flow - Vinyasa Krama means to link movement to breath. In this class you will move consistently from and with the breath linking movement to movement, posture to posture. This class is suitable for those with a basic understanding of structural alignment and yoga terminology.

Yin - Yin by nature is passive and influenced by the moon. In this class you will hold postures for longer times, there are no standing postures in yin as the focus is on fascial release and emotional dispersion through the hips, sacrum, and lower back. This class is suitable for those looking to deepen their practice and for those working with physical tension. 

Gentle Yoga - Therapeutic Yoga class is designed to help you slow down in order to find the healing you need. Whether you are recovering from injury, lack of movement, muscle fatigue/strain, chronic stress, emotional trauma etc… Therapeutic yoga is about reconnecting to and being patient with your body in order to help you heal faster. The pace of class is slow and methodical giving you an opportunity to tune in to what’s happening on the inside. You’ll also have opportunities to strengthen, balance, and discover new healthy movement patterns. It is appropriate for all levels of students. Give yourself permission to immerse yourself in the joy of slowing down. You will be pleasantly surprised by the effects.

We offer group classes, semi-private and privates. Please see schedule and/or rates for more information.