Pilates encourages flexibility, control, balance, strength and prevention of injury. It integrates both strength and flexibility which will ultimately make you feel both alive and centered. You will feel your posture improve, blood flow increased, and a general sense of ease in everyday movement.

We require everyone to do at least one private before entering a group reformer class. For a healthy and safe body it is recommended to take anywhere from five to ten private sessions before taking reformer classes. Please call or visit us to schedule your first Private Pilates session!

We offer group reformer classes, semi-private and privates. Please see schedule and/or rates for more information.


"Traditionally, yoga was passed down via word of mouth from teacher to student. The essence of lessons was found not only within the poses but within the teacher/student exchange as well. A good teacher could pay attention to the deep individuality of the student and act as a sort of physician." 

We offer Private Yoga by appointment only.

Please email or call the studio to book. We will do our best to pair you with the proper instructor for your personal needs.