Creator, Lover, Traveler

Yoga and Pilates Teacher. Kelly's first yoga class was when she moved to San Francisco after graduating from the University of AZ with a Bachelor's degree in Communications.  After that first class, she was hooked.  She then took her practice international where she concentrated on her self study, "svadhyaya" while living in Southeast Asia.  Through her extensive international travels, she discovered that no matter what ethnicity you are or what language you speak, Yoga is the universal language of unifying the mind and body.  When she returned after about 16 months abroad, she received her 200hr Yoga Certification through Corepower Yoga in Costa Mesa.  She loves creating space for people to move their bodies, slow down their minds and acknowledge and recognize their strengths and capabilities. Most recently, she completed her STOTT Pilates training and she enjoys the fun, fast paced workout that pilates has to offer.

"My practice serves me in different ways every time I step on to my mat.  Sometimes yoga is a way to help clear my mind and concentrate on my breath.  Other times, I use my practice as more of a meditative station to help me focus on a certain intention or goal I may have for myself.  Whatever the purpose or reason is for returning to my mat time and time again, I know for sure I will leave my mat feeling more purposeful and full of life than I did before stepping on."

Astrological Sign: Capricorn


joey o'mara

Powerful, Peaceful, Playful

Yoga Teacher. After tearing his ACL playing collegiate Lacrosse in the fall of 2006, Joseph needed to find a way to stay strong through the injury and he turned to yoga. The healing path of Iyengar Yoga was extremely intriguing and Joey started to seriously study Iyengar's methods at Western State University, CO. Following the yogic path he completed his 200 hour Teacher Training at Corepower Yoga, Huntington Beach in 2010. Joseph continues his studies over the next 8 years throughout the country with world renown teachers such as Brock Cahill, Shiva Rea, Janet Stone and Annie Carpenter to name a few. He has accumulated over 5,000 hours on the mat and has found yoga to be the backbone for developing a happy, healthy and conscious lifestyle. When he's not teaching his mindful and high energy pumped up classes, you can find him riding his bike across the county, lifting weights, tanning at the beach, and exploring the wilderness. 

" See My Fellow Peoples Happy And Free. " - Joey's intention for teaching.

Astrological Sign: Taurus


jaime Hynes

Fun, Athletic, Comforting

Pilates teacher. Movement has been Jaime's passion, life guide, and inspiration from the beginning. When she was nine, she left gymnastics for ice skating and fell in love. She spent every day on the ice: before school, after school, and on weekends. It was the movements in her body and the cool wind from the rink that kept pushing her. Many years later she was injured during a competition that kept her off the ice for a year. During her recovery she found Yoga and Pilates...and here she found her Forever love. In her 20's, it came time to make a career choice and she jumped into Stott Pilates certification courses and opened her first Pilates studio. She went on to travel with private clients, bringing Pilates to athletes on the road. After the birth of her daughter, she decided to stay put in OC. A handful of years later, she realized she needed to return to what she loves, teaching and guiding her clients to a happier and healthier lifestyle. 

Her teaching style changes with the seasons - ever-flowing. She has a fun and energetic personality and her classes are athletic, detail-oriented and always encouraging.

"Let food be thy medicine. Live beautifully. Live, love and laugh. Work hard, play hard."

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

James - W2.jpg

james ackley

Authentic, Strong, Engaged

Yoga teacher. James grew up on the coast of Down East Maine and Northern Connecticut, so nature and the elements are where he derives his energy. Music is his life blood. These essentials guide his life path and his yoga practice. During his time at Loyola Marymount, James learned what is now one of his core beliefs, that education of the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—are tantamount to a successful and rich existence. That philosophy coupled with his guiding essentials have brought him to a deeper understanding of his journey. They have expanded his vision of life’s great potential and the unencumbered acknowledgement of the infinite possibilities that exist.

“Open your heart and mind to engage fully on this path and the universe will reveal its infinite possibilities.”

Astrological Sign: Scorpio


Ava guillen

Yoga teacher. Although a new teacher, Ava is an old soul. Having found her yoga practice in 2016, she immediately recognized there was something else going on in the yoga room other than a workout. Returning time and time again, she began to realize she had stepped into what felt like another dimension on her yoga mat, but really it was the flow of the universe. Eager to learn more and dive deeper into a practice of self transformation, she blossomed into a natural teacher. Interweaving ideas of both self discipline and surrender, she intentionally structures her classes to create both a sense of awakening and ease. Often including ideals based on the eight limb path of yoga, she hopes not only to inspire her students on the mat, but to carry the same positive energy and influence off their mats as well. Being an avid hot yoga junkie, she intends for a vigorous class while still being mindful of the beautiful dance of breath connection, or movement meditation. She hopes she can allow you to find both steadiness and ease in her classes. Off the mat her hobbies include hiking, crafting, and dancing. Some random facts about her are that she has been vegetarian for twelve years and is also a plant science major in school, so some might say she has strong roots!

“Once you recognize yourself as the Divine, you will return to the world as Love.”

Astrological Sign : Virgo (sun) Pisces (moon)

Shannon Gallant.JPG

Shannon gallant

Yoga teacher and Sound Healer. Shannon has been practicing sound therapy and yoga for over a decade. She came across her physical practice in Japan in 1993. Then more intensely in 2005 while living in the UK . After recording an album in 2006 she went on to get her certification in the UK for Sound Therapy. Soon after she began holding sound flow evenings at Arcania in the magical city of Bath. There she learned first hand the healing properties of the voice, our purest and most intimate instrument and its capability to cross all borders and language uniting all as one. In 2007, Shannon became licensed to sing in the city raising money for various charities spreading love and healing through her voice. She worked with inner city children in an after school program at the YMCA where she enabled children to see their strength and worth through their own voice.

She was invited to sing and hold frequency on various ceremonial solstices in  mystical places such as Glastonbury, Avebury, and Stonehenge. 

Through her travels, she has learned our cells speak to each other in one language universally. The language of light and sound. Yoga is union. We become one as a community when we receive frequency that touches us deeply. We receive this as one universal consciousness. There is no judgment or difference. It hits you simultaneously and heals. No translation is needed when you are receiving the voice of the heart.

“My intention is to open all up to the inner soundtrack of the heart.”

Astrological Sign: Aries


Rene Baldwin

Length, Kindness, Warmth

Pilates teacher. Certification through Body Arts and Science Institute (BASI) October 2013. From her very first Pilates session, Rene knew she had found a passion. The more she practiced, the more she wanted to know, going deeper into what Pilates was, where it was from, and what it meant to her. This led her to study at the Body Art and Science Institute (BASI). She decided with all the training that you needed to be an instructor, teaching was what she needed to do. She loves sharing her joy and her passion of this practice with others and hopes to encourage each person she meets to find their balance, their purpose, and to understand their body through Pilates. Her sessions are formatted intuitively, whether more core work, lengthening and strengthening, or just a good stretch. Rene has an amazing husband and beautiful, witty teenage daughter that encourages her all the time.

Astrological Sign: Aquarius


Sarah Tagge

Nurturing, Traditional, Ever Changing

Yoga teacher. Sarah knows to be true that yoga is about coming together and making whole and it recognizes that there is no separation between anything. Sarah credits the shaping of her practice to a variety of teachers and classes she has experienced around the world. One teacher led Sarah for years with passionate teaching and instilled a calmness in Sarah that moved her to guide others. With joy and enthusiasm she creates a unique practice due to her devotion to all aspects of yoga. In her guidance you may feel the breath fused into the movement. Her class is raw, strong, beautiful and healing.

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

2017_KenyaVillaShoot-1257 (1).jpg

Katherine Slay

Big Hearted, Creative, Fashionable,

Pilates teacher. Katherine Slay’s love for movement is infectious. With over 15 years teaching experience, she is a senior level Teacher Trainer in the Pilates industry and a master Teacher Trainer with BarreWRX USA teaching internationally and appearing in multiple modeling and fitness projects. Her dance career started in New York City at the age of 16 with the Joffrey Ballet, and her dance resume includes the title of Miss Dance California for Dance Masters of America, industrial performances with Tiffany and Co (Las Vegas, NV), and the movie The Big Lebowski (Hollywood,CA). She has served as a senior Teacher Trainer for Power Pilates and Classical Pilates Education and has been a presenter at both Pilates Method Alliance and IDEAfit conventions in the US. Katherine can be seen teaching a variety of workshops and classes in and around southern California including Pilates, Barre, and Yoga.

"I love Pilates.  It is a lifestyle that is about empowerment through movement: strength and flexibility in both the body and mind.  Throw in some laughter to that equation and you have the perfect practice."

Astrological Sign: Aries


brittany sowers

Adventurous, Carefree, Spontaneous

Pilates teacher. I started learning about Pilates when I found Villa and I was a client and then worked at the front desk. From there I was inspired to get certified because I was surrounded by amazing teachers that showed me a new passion. In 2014, I got certified through STOTT Pilates and am always finding ways to stay knowledgeable with new techniques. I got certified in pre and post natal Pilates which helped not only with my clients but also myself going through two pregnancies. I was able to have two home births with the help of Pilates and the awareness it brought to me and my body. What I know today is something I would never change. The people that surround me push me in great ways to be a better instructor.

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Stevie mersola

Passionate, Brave, Big-Hearted

Yoga Teacher. After her last year competing as a Division 1 soccer player at UC Irvine, Stevie found her yoga mat. Being a competitive athlete, Stevie was determined to find something else that brought that same level of passion and inspiration into her life. She was very resistant to trying yoga at first because it was opposite of what she was use to, but it only took one class to get her completely hooked. It was a year into her yoga practice when she realized that her entire sense of self was being transformed: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. For the first time in her life, she was doing a “work in” and not just a “work out”. She was so use to focusing on the physical aspect of herself that she neglected the other aspects that yoga started to nurture and care for. With all this self-reflection and self-awareness, she intuitively knew she had to share the gift of yoga with others and so she completed her first yoga teacher training in 2012 with Corepower Yoga. Since then, Stevie has completed a variety of different trainings and workshops with world renown teachers and continues to educate herself and evolve as an instructor.

“I know that everyone’s journey is unique but my one and only intention when I teach is for me to hold space for my students to fall in love with their yoga practice and to fall deeper in love with themselves.” 

Astrological Sign: Libra


kelly taylor

Strong, Courageous, Fearless

Pilates teacher. Kelly has been certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine based in New York City, and furthered her fitness education by The Pilates Method Alliance where she was trained classically in Reformer and Mat Pilates. She is a firm believer in the old adage “You are what you eat” and implements this mentality hand-in-hand with all of her current clients’ training regimens. Kelly has had personal experience producing life-altering results with the combination of Diet and Exercise. Currently, Kelly is continuing her Education through The Integrative Nutrition Institute, where she will be licensed as a Holistic Health coach in January 2019. Kelly loves cooking, hiking, swimming and is an Orange County native.

Astrological Sign: Pisces


brenda dorsey

Motivated, Secure, Breezy

Pilates teacher. Brenda’s inspiration to teach Pilates is the quality of life she’s been so fortunate to have and all of the opportunity that surrounds her. Pilates gives her positive momentum in her life and reminds her to be kind to her body when she struggles with being so hard on herself. Being too comfortable can be dangerous.

“I want to create an atmosphere where letting loose and taking care of your body go hand in hand. When you experience the freedom of being your unadulterated self, that's when true mind body health comes to life.” 

Astrological Sign: Aquarius