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May 2, 2016

Instead of slowing to a standstill or being swept up in the currents this retrograde season, choosing to keep an exercise practice might be an optimal outlet for recharging and operating on a full battery. When you attend pilates or yoga during the April 28-May 22 retrograde period or any other time, you may want to focus on thinking about your movements as a form of communication.


March 21, 2016

Meet Carly. She’s the heart and soul of Villa Pilates and Yoga in Newport Beach, California. With passion, dedication and courage she created not just a workout studio, but a vibrant community that makes you feel good the second you walk in the red dutch door.


July 21, 2015

You instantly become stress free just walking through the door.


Villa is truly the most special pilates/yoga studio I have ever experienced. The building is beautiful, light, and well-designed and the instructors are professional, smart, and genuinely care about you. The synergy among the group is amazing and it has all been made possible by Carly Farmer, the owner. Carly has been able to create this extraordinary “third place” for all of us to enjoy. Thank you!

Robin Hoyle

I can't say enough good things about Villa. The physical space is clean, intimate and warm, with top notch equipment, but it's the people who make it amazing. Carly and her family are warm, welcoming people that make you want to keep coming back. This is how yoga studios used to be before yoga became a corporate phenomenon. This is a fantastic addition to the cannery village neighborhood and I highly encourage anyone to try it out... you won't be sorry.

Sarah Spataro

We are so lucky you share your knowledge and desire to seek knowledge with us. It is incredible to spend an afternoon exploring the topics we have in a safe, curiosity encouraged, non-judgmental zone. You have created a sanctuary and genuine community. 


Villa has changed my life! I have been hooked since my first class. The people who work at Villa are amazing - they all care and want to help you reach the results you want for yourself! The classes are amazing, challenging and FUN. Working out can sometimes be intimidating but it's not at Villa - you become part of their family and it makes working out so much more rewarding! In addition to the people the health benefits are life-changing. I was born with scoliosis and have had issues and pain on and off throughout my life. After starting Pilates i have seen an improvement in my mobility and the pain has lessened. I have also started taking yoga classes and despite my fear of not knowing what I am doing or being embarrassed by my lack of mobility I have been encouraged by the instructors to stick with it... and I am so glad I have. The yoga classes at Villa are a spiritual journey that I highly recommend you go on. The studio also encourages an overall healthy lifestyle with group cleanses and lifestyle tips in classes and on their blog to help you become the healthiest version of yourself- just another effort by the staff to help you improve your life. Villa is truly a special place!

Tara Freese

I love this place! It is in one of the most adorable Newport neighborhoods and everyone is always so welcoming. Carly did such an amazing job with making the space quaint and tranquil. 

Megan Dias

Villa is the quintessential embodiment of health, beauty and community. I love being there and who wouldn't want to be in a place where you are excited to work out.

Andrea "Happy" Corkhill

Carly Farmer has created a wonderful Pilates and yoga studio - and, with her mom's help with the retail shop, it is truly a family business. In my Pilates classes, I’m able to exercise muscles that I don’t use very often, and I thank the great Villa Pilates instructors for giving me hard and challenging workouts. Also, I noticed that the attractive Villa website is now more useful than ever.

Clive Soden

I try studios all over the country and found Villa to be the most welcoming and fulfilling experience. Great workouts, yoga practices and a friendly, cheerful staff whenever you step in. Beautiful studio, too!

Liz Shea

If you are looking to get out of the typical workout mold and go to a place with a great vibe, in a great location with great instructors....go to Villa Pilates & Yoga. The place in the middle of the Cannery next to Alta Coffee. Villa has a sweet, hip vibe going on colors, clean, simple, wood floors etc... The rooms are smaller and create an intimate setting. The actual classes and instruction is top notch. I'd recommend anyone to go here...

Tom Sproats

Villa is a one in a kind place. It's not just your average pilates or yoga studio, but a unique place surrounded with great people and good vibes. Carly, the owner, is one of the sweetest, coolest, most inspiring people I have ever met. Not to mention that I have been doing pilates for 10 years, and I still am sore after every class. She kicks your butt, which is great!


Such a beautiful studio with a beautiful staff. I take Pilates with Carly Farmer and she is incredible! She really kicks your butt and I feel like I'm getting my money's worth when I take her class. Katherine Slay is also an amazing Pilates instructor! She is really encouraging and helps a lot with flexibility. Both of these girls make working out fun and thanks to them my body looks so much better, I have better posture and I'm flexible again!


Looove villa! I have never been to a place that feeds my mind, body & soul in such powerful ways. Thank you for creating such a special community!

Rachelle Marshall

Villa reminds me of home. Comfy and cozy. Mixed with beautiful people and beautiful energy. Only love felt from this space.

Kaitlin Honeycutt

Villa is a studio where you can find a pulse. Where the heart meets the soul and one finds their community. A community of acceptance and happiness! There is so much love when you walk much great energy, you can't help but to want to go on and do great things with your day. Not only can you feel a physical change in your body, your spirit is lightened and you walk away feeling comfortable in your own skin because you have this great place that will love you for you!

Andrea Martin

Villa is simply a special place--a world created by Carly that is a local gem to Newport Beach. It is a community and a way of life that embraces a healthy lifestyle with a good balance of fun. The teachers, staff, and clients all bring a warmth of positive energy and a desire to create a strong mind, body, and spirit. The local feel is truly unique and makes it such a fun place to be. It’s a beautiful place to practice both pilates and yoga complete with a shop filled with unique clothing and an array of handpicked accessories. I feel so lucky to be a part of the Villa family surrounded by incredible people who inspire me everyday.

Tianna Tauber